Rubber future


Animal beds are used in stables, zoos, stock and production facilities, as well as farms, with the goal of providing animals with health and comfort, improving both in terms of performance and production under the right conditions. It helps the animals by eliminating sprains and rheumatic aches from the horse farms, so that they can serve in a safe and productive way. Its soft and durable surface allows optimal support and traction for your animals. This decreases the amount of stress on the legs, back, and muscles of your horse when standing and provides you with a floor that is easy to clean. All the cushioning support the horse needs is provided by the rubber tiles, making it possible to keep just enough bedding to absorb the urine. In exchange, it will decrease your everyday maintenance costs, saving both time and money. The advantages of reduced mucking out time, lower levels of dust and improved hygiene mean that our horse table rubber mat is the best breeding industry choice. Rubber Future Equine Flooring has been a common addition to horse stalls for years now. Horse owners have come to know and trust us for dependability nationwide.