Rubberized asphalt


Who doesn’t want a trip that’s smoother and safer? For highway construction, crumb rubber may consist of 10-15 percent of the mix in rubberized asphalt. Rubberized asphalt roads minimize the noise of tires, last longer due to increased cracking and rutting resistance, and use far less paving material than conventional asphalt.

Rubberized asphalt is comprised of crumb rubber combined with asphalt and applied in new roads. Since 2012, this technology has been used in Saudi Arabia and has several advantages over existing asphalt – the return on investment alone has resulted in continued savings for the cities that have adopted the technology.

Another benefit of asphalt rubber over traditional asphalt is that it provides a road system that is smoother, safer and longer lasting. This decreases the cost of constructing roads, extends the lifetime of road surfaces to almost double, increases the fraction of road surface noise for vehicles and reduces the noise from passing vehicles. Recycled green roads are useful for road maintenance and are remodelled on-site, whereby a state-of-the-art machine extracts the current road asphalt and road foundation, mixes it with cement and water, and in a matter of minutes reapplies the road. Not only does this save time for remodeling, but it also cuts maintenance costs.